About Backpacker

The story starts with the founding of the THN trading company in 1994 by entrepreneur and inventor Jan Noord.
The first invention brought to market was the small LJH Air Powered Fluid Pump.
To finance development and patenting several products were built like the Glyder, a down hole packer for coring and a 15,000 psi Fluid and Gas Test Unit for Bottom Hole Assemblies.
In the late 1990’s the Compensator was developed, a support tool for running and pulling chrome tubing. The start of the worldwide sale of Compensator lead to the change in company structure to Backpacker Industrial Equipment B.V., founded on the 15th of September 1999.
From the start the of the company we specialize in supplying high-quality purpose-built equipment for the oil and gas industry.
Backpacker equipment can be found all over the world from the United States of America to India. We provide equipment and services to some of the world's foremost energy related companies. In 2002 a new production facility was built to expand the production of new equipment, in 2016 a second location nearby was purchased mainly used as stock for the every year expanding Rental Fleet.



Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

The Backpacker Team is fully aware of the fact we depend on our customers and sometimes our customers on us. By focusing on developing a long-term relationship and offering the best in equipment and service we hope to be the preferred business partner to our customers.


We try to stand out by designing and building high-quality equipment that is built to last.

From our point of view equipment should be user-friendly,  durable and maintenance should be minimized. The total cost of ownership should be as low as possible, not the initial cost. There for we set higher standards than accustomed, choose the best materials and components, like pumps and valves, are made with absolute precision.

All requirements set by ourselves have a significant impact on the cost of Backpacker Equipment. The much higher initial cost will vanish over time, because after several years the total cost of ownership will be significantly lower. An investment should be carefully planned and the choice between purchase, short term or long term rental made carefully. A clean balance sheet, no investment and fixed cost ( including service and repairs ) often make rental an economical choice. Backpacker has a large fleet of various rental tools and equipment available. The rental fleet also allows our current and future customers to extensively try the equipment and check if it fits their needs before signing a rental contract or investing in it.


Short and Long Term Rental:

The fulfillment of equipment needs doesn’t always require the significant outlay of capital, related to a purchase. In many cases it is worth considering a Short- or Long-Term, Fixed Cost, Rental. Renting equipment from Backpacker ensures you get the right equipment for the job with the included service package, meaning, no additional cost and the equipment is always serviced, certified and calibrated in time. During major service of the equipment our customers can choose to have a replacement so are always able to go on with the activities and no valuable time is lost.


The key benefits of a Backpacker Rental Tool are:

·          Allows your business to accurately stay on budget with fixed monthly charges.

·          No significant outlay of capital needed in case of a purchase. Cash is king.

·          No lost investment due to a supplier gone out of business.

·          Readily available, expand your capacity now without the usual extensive delivery times related to purchase.

·          Take on temporary business without a long term investment.

·          No storage space and upkeep cost when no longer required.

·          The ability to up- or downgrade if you need, for example, more pressure or a smaller footprint tool.

·          The included preventative maintenance reduces the risk of machine failure.

·          No detailed tool knowledge or special training of your own maintenance staff required, therefore reducing labor costs.



Over the years Backpacker Industrial Equipment B.V. has specialized in the rental of high pressure equipment and it has become our core business. 
Of course we still develop and manufacture lots of customer specific products. Click HERE to see some of the special tools we've developed over the years and some of the project we did.


Not 100% sure what kind of equipment you need? Our experienced technical sales team will work with you to find a solution that suits your needs and ensures that you get the job done right the first time, on time.