Buffalo - Pump Unit


HIGH VOLUME /HIGH PRESSURE up to 60L./min. and up to 5,000psi



The Silent Performer

The Backpacker Buffalo-50 Pump Unit is an air driven hydraulic pump system designed to provide a high volume/ high pressure fluid flow. To generate a fluid output the unit contains an air driven diaphragm pump and an air driven hydraulic plunger pump. The diaphragm pump is used to displace large amounts of fluid and also feed the high pressure plunger pump.The plunger pump is used to build up pressure in the output and make it possible to overcome a back pressure and inject into a pressurized system or build-up pressure to a maximum of 5,000psi / 350bar.

The main item is the Buffalo pump unit. Additional with the unit Backpacker supplies a remote ESD, hoses and a loose quick connector with cross-over to make the various connections to for example a well and a fluids transport container.




                  Remote ESD                                                                    Pump Unit


The Buffalo– 50 Air Driven Pump Unit:

The Backpacker Buffalo – 50 Pump Unit generates a hydraulic flow with pressure to transfer fluids into an object even when this is pressurized or to pressurize an object. The pump unit is solely driven by compressed air, no electricity is required not even for controls.

The Unit is fully contained. All controls are located in the control panel and the operator can start and stop all functions without being in contact with parts on high pressure.

Electric and diesel driven pump units consume energy even when the system is on pressure and no flow is required. The Backpacker Buffalo Pump Unit has an airdriven diaphragm pump and an air driven plunger pump both designed to stall when the set hydraulic pressure is reached and no flow is required. This means no energyis consumed in this idle mode making the unit highly efficient mainly because this situation is often 80% of the time a pump unit is in operation.




Compressed Air Supply:  1”,10 NM3/min. acc. to ISO8573-1Cl.1.2.2.

Pressure:100psi min / 140psi max.

Compressed Air Connection:1” BSP female with a Craw-Foot Connector.




Maximum Output Pressure:  5,000psi.

Adjustable from50 psi upwards.


Maximum Output Flow: 60 Litres per Minute at 50psi.

High Pressure Outlet:1” NPT female, fitted with a1” male Backpacker QC-625

Stainless Steel Quick Connector(m.w.p. 6,000psi ).


Fluid Inlet Connection:1.1/4” NPT female, fitted with a stainless steel

1” Cam-Lock male.


Hydraulic Bleed Connection:1/2” NPT female with a stainless steel QC-8 male.



Remote ESD

¼”BSP with an Air Quick Connector to attach the Remote ESD.

High Presure Hose with quick connectors, standard length 15 meter.  



Unit weight: 650kg.

Unit dimensions: 1000x1200 x1230 ( high )mm.

Working temperatures: Between +5 degr. Celsius and + 35 degr. Celsius




Required information

# Output Pressure / System Backpressure

# Fluid

# Object connection