Cobra - Injection Unit

Air Driven Injection Pump

Technical Info Cobra Injection Unit

The Backpacker COBRA system is specially designed as a high pressure and high volume Injection System that withstands the most used injection fluids like Glycol, Methanol and even Sea Water!.

Due to special made parts made from exotic materials like Super Duplex, Monel and Hastelloy the high pressure pump and all other parts of the injection system can resist Sea Water without having expensive repairs due to corosion and wear.

There is even the possibility to use the Cobra Injection Unit with a complementary pressure recorder for pressure testing before preforming an injection job.




Cobra 180

Air Supply


Min: 7 bar (100 psi)

Max: 10 bar (140 psi)

Air Supply

1” , 10 Nm³/min 

acc. to ISO8573-1Cl.1.2.2.

Max. Output High Pressure Plunger Pump

1.000 bar (15.000 psi)

Max Output Flow Plunger Pump

20 litres/min (5GPM)

Test Pressure Gauge

0-20.000 psi / 0 - 1.400 bar dual scale

Working Temperatures

Between -15⁰ Celsius and +35⁰ Celsius


# Easily accessible connection bay.

# Fully enclosed stainless steel skid with a certified lifting eye.

# Intergrated Sump built to contain spills up to 50 Litre.

# Suitable to work with petroleum based oils, plain water, glycol, sea-water or methanol.


# Intergrated 48 Litre Tank will level gauge.


# Suited with a double stroke counter. One for setup and adjusting the injection rate, the other one as a totalizer to keep track of the total amount of injected fluid. 




Unit weight: 480kg. (with an empty tank)

Unit dimensions: 1370x780x1580 ( high )mm.



Required information

# Injection pressure / Testing pressure

# Injection fluid / Test fluid

# Object connection

# Hose length