Special Equipment and Projects

Small Test Unit
For a customer we have developed and made a small test unit that fitted their needs.
Glyder ValveFor special projects we have developed and made various glyder valves according to customer specifications. These glyder valves are used during core drilling, they have an automatic valve that releases fluid when it touches the core so that the core is isolated from the drilling mud or any other pollution.
Fill-up and Circulation Tool
PATENTED - An example of one of our innovative equipment is our Fill-up and Circulation tool, by his revolutionary design it has far better grip than normal fill-up or circulation tools. The Backpacker Fill-up and Circulation Tool seals of without using rubber or any other polymer. This tool can even be used as an abandonment plug. According to international regulations, NORSOK, Permanently plugged wells shall be abandoned with an eternal perspective. By excluding polymer seals, because they don't have an eternal life, this should be the most proper way when using a mechanical plug to abandon a well. 
Filling and Flushing Hand Pump for a traditional Tong Torque Gauge. Because of its design it can stored in upright position and no fluid will leaks when flushing and filling the Gauge.
 Blending Pump
Blending pump, this pump goes into an IBC filled with 2 fluids that float on top of each other because they don't blend for long. There is a lever on the suction side of the pump that extracts fluid from the top level and bottom of the IBC, when the level of the mixture in the IBC drops the lever will automatically follows to provide an perfect mixture of the 2 fluids. the mixture of the 2 fluids is then blended with plain water coming from the normal water supply. The blending pump also contains a container with pigment to dye the outgoing fluid with every pump stroke.
We have made an intensifier to speed up a Backpacker Single Joint Compensator when using it with an 8.5 t or 10.5 t Cylinder Assembly. Because these Cylinder Assemblies consume more oil when running in and out we have developed an intensifier to connect with a Backpacker Single Joint Compensator and a Backpacker Buffalo Power unit to speed up the running time significantly.
Pneumatic Elevator Remote Control
We have designed and made a tool to pneumatically remote control an elevator.
HP Seal
PATENTED- We have developed our own High Pressure Seal which has a much longer service life and goes up to 7000 bar, this seal can be found in several of our machines.
ESD Panel Service and Calibration
We also service and calibrate third party ESD Panels.
Resato Pump Unit 
We also service and calibrate third party Pump Units. Over the years we have serviced and calibrated lots of different pump units.
Bottom Hole Assembly Test Unit
We have made an Bottom Hole Assembly Test Unit, the customer wanted a unit that pressurize an Bottom Hole Assemblies quicker than standard test pump could, some internal seals of the bottom hole assembly need quick pressure build up to set, so a special pump was built to meet the customer requirements.
We have made several modifications to elevators and spiders so that they can be pneumatically controlled and that they have an open/close signaling, most of them was to be used in conjunction with the Interlock.
PATENTED - We have developed an Advance Interlock to pneumatically remote control an Spider and Elevator together with clear and easy view of the open/close signals from the Spider and Elevator.
We have made an Air Operated Elevator Control Panel that is specially developed for Air Operated Elevators that are modified by Backpacker so you have a clear view of the signals coming from the Boxdetection on the elevator and the height switch of the Slips and always need 2 hands to operate the panel.
We have made a specially designed Fluid Return Filter, it has a coarse filter and a fine filter and by the pressure difference visible on the multiple gauges you are able to see the if one of the filters is clogged.
Test Fluid Collector
We have made a special designed Test Fluid Collector.
Return Gas Fluid Separator 
 For a special project we have made a Return Gas Fluid Separator. In this separator a mixure of gas and fluid can be separated, gas is blown off at the top side of the unit and fluid is collected at the bottom of the unit.
Oil Service Unit
We have made an Oil Service Unit that pneumatically extracts fluid from a tank or container by the suction hose and filters the fluid before it will be stored inside the unit, when all the fluid is extracted from the tank or container you can easily pump the fluid back by operating 2 ball valves.
Stainless Steel Fluid Tank
For our rental department we have designed a fully Stainless Steel Container that can store up to 1000 litre.
Tank Trailer
We have made a Tank trailer where a 1000 litre Container is stored together with a pneumatically driven diaphragm pump.
Thermowell External Testing
For a customer we have made a testing vessel to externally test Termowells, after we had made the vessel we also performed the hydrotests. We are able to preform pressure tests up to 7.000 bar.