Fox Unit

Water Driven Test Pump

Pressure testing can be done with a common 3 bar water supply without the need of an additional electricity or compressed air supply.


Fox features:

Standing straight and all the controls within hand reach.

Large test pressure gauge 160mm. (6”) with bar and Psi reading.

Non rotating stem pressure release valve.

Stainless steel recorder with 223mm. (9”) circular chart 

Stainless steel frame and panels.

Water powered Backpacker WPWP series pump (patented).

Trolley design with real tires


 Model   Input  Maximum Output Pressure Test Gauge and Recorder Range Maximum Output Flow 
Fox 10 3 bar 20 bar 0-25 bar (360 psi) 1:10 of input flow*
Fox 20 3 bar 40 bar 0-60 bar (870 psi) 1:20 of input flow* 

* for example a Fox 10 Unit with a input flow of 30 litres/minute has an output flow of 3 litres/minute


Cover Kit

  • Heavy duty trailer canvas.


Additional equipment with Fox unit 

  • Single test hose, 10 metres (33 feet), longer hoses available on request, with on both sides a 22L connection.
  • A cross-over from 1/2" NPT (male) to 22L to connect the unit to your test object.


High Pressure Fittings 

Backpacker can also supplies a wide range of fittings to make the connection to your object. 



Required information

# Testing Pressure

# Recorder Clock revolution time

# Object connection

# Hose length

# Number of diagram discs