Wellguard 100



The old school panel with a modern touch.

The Backpacker Wellguard - 100 ESD Unit is an air powered hydraulic control panel with integrated Emergency Shut Down function.

The typical application is operating a Normally Closed Flow-Line Valve with a hydraulic actuator, like a Sub Surface Safety Valve or a Master Valve.

For this purpose the unit contains an air or manually driven pump, hydraulic valves and air controls all on top of the 20 litre oil tank. By running the pump oil is pumped into the actuator to open the connected Flow-Line Valve. By operating the panel mounted hydraulic 3/2 valve the oil is allowed to flow back to tank and so closing the Flow-Line Valve. 

By putting the integrated ESD system to work it is possible to close the connected Flow-Line Valve by locally bleeding the ESD air pressure. This can commence by operating a remote manual Push Button or by Flow-Line Pilot Valves being triggered by a pressure-kick or –drop in the Flow-Line. 

The system is built “ OLD SCHOOL “.

This means the components used are from appearance as close as possible to units from like say 25 years ago. Also the use of stainless steel tubing and fittings in the pneumatic system contribute to the “old school” as many of the modern systems are built with copper or even plastic.

The relay valve is still “PULL TO SET” and “PUSH TO CLOSE”, no funny fiddling with ball valves or switches.

The hydraulic 3/2 valve is a modern, very reliable, valve but still with the lever to operate. Pull forward to override and flip back up to go into ESD mode or bleed the hydraulic pressure.


  However, the big advantage of

  the “old school” philosophy is

  the fact everyone working in

  the oilfield and working with this

  type of tool will know what it is

  and how it works.



  The unit is fully enclosed

  with a stainless steel hood

  and panel lid.


  Unit Dimensions, incl. handles:

  Floor size: 530 x 620 mm.

  Height: 690 mm.

  Weight ( tank empty ): 60 kg.


  All inlet and outlet connections are

  situated at the right side in a bay.


  Air Inlet: ½” Crawfoot

  1. ESD: ¼” Quick Connector for Remote ESD 

  2. ESD: 10mm push-pull connection

  Hydraulic Out: QC-714, 10k Male 


With the Wellguard Backpacker can provide additional equipment for example a Box Section Remote ESD or a Hydraulic Hose to make the connection between the unit and the Flow-Line Valve.



Required information

# Pressure setting of the pressure relief valve

# Fluid (standard with Univis)

# Object connection

# High Pressure Hose length

# If a Box Section Remote ESD is required